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Freezer Engineering, LLC Differentiators

  • Advanced Process Control – Model Predictive Control – we are the best staged industrial process control engineering firm to move into MPC with Rockell’s new Plantpax MPC in the chassis module as well as Pavilion8 running on FactoryTalk.
  • It’s a solution for tuning up to 10 simultaneous cross interacting PID loops
  • Process Engineering solid performance history in design of experiments, sensitivity analysis, simulation and modeling plants, process parameters and interactions.
  • Controls engineering experience using AI based robotic application successfully implemented at numerous facilities.
  • MPC research at grad school level
  • Dual degree controls engineer and applied math major
  • Home grown set of function block, UDT, AOI to faceplate, similar to using Plantpax which places our team’s working knowledge of Rockwell’s Plantpax a league above
  • Programming experience in Multiple Regression, Partial Differential Equations, Means, Correlations, Covariances, Linear Programming minimizing or maximizing an objective functions with upper and lower bound limits.

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