What if we defined the good and the bad variability within the project?

Our Program and Project Plans

Getting a team to drop the resistance, feel valued, and encouraged to discuss bright ideas is the basis for transformational leadership. Our Program and Project plans are all modeled after PMI’s PgMP and PMP plans, however, mine add intentional moments to capture better ideas.  For example, while doing schedule updates we get the basics such as % complete and anticipated delivery date.  However, in addition, we take just a moment to ponder is there a better way to execute, maybe a template, or a software solution, or an extra electrical foreman? This is the basis of looking at Opportunities as part of the risk management plan. Just as a negative deviation is mitigated by Risk Management, Opportunities need to be sought out, captured, and defined as well by Risk Management. Lastly, technology is enhancing every week, the group needs to get comfortable with continuous learning.  There is always something new coming out from Fisher, Emerson, Allen Bradley and the like.