What if we defined the good and the bad variability within the project?

  • Small or Large, all research points to FEL
  • And money spent of scope saves later
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Task Efficiency
  • Continuous Improvement on Repetitive
  • Set Outrageous Challenges to Lower
  • Build any ‘miss’ into future process
  • Communication
  • SPI and CPI critical to hitting mark
  • Resolution Fit for Purpose
  • Customer defines “The mark”
  • FE Mirrors ISO standards
  • Get the right person on the right path
  • Synergies between key roles
  • Pull style from End User to Construction
  • From Construction to Project Team
  • Opportunity Risk Management
  • Loss Risk Management

After starting the company, I served as an Owner’s Rep Program Director for Whiting Petroleum, along with filling Project roles, Procurement, and Construction Management and Inspector roles overseeing Land Acquisition, Numerous Engineering Teams, Procurement, and Numerous Construction Firms, this recipe led to very high Return on Assets numbers due to numerous executional and technical creative ideas captured and implemented by the team.

As we grew, we began self-performing more of the Engineering and Design, but always have a history of working well with many of the Engineering firms in the area to produce the same recipe of yielding continually improving executions and technical delivery for clients such as WPX, Sinclair, Bayswater, Bonanza Creek, Anadarko, and Occidental.

Looking Forward

  • This next era will continue to have more edge based computing capabilities to make use of good time series data to program in decision making. Whether its operational tuning, maintenance signaling, or incident prevention, implementing these capabilities should have a solid ROI
  • Freezer Engineering LLC’s purpose is to understand the hardware capability, and apply it to your operation as the System Integrator
  • Historically we have offered full serve Engineering and Design, but lately our pursuits have focused on the Power and Controls Engineering niches. We can turn a control system turn key including programing, hardware design, networking, drafting, commissioning, instrument techs, and installation