Building Highly Effective Project Teams, what if we defined the good and the bad variability within a project?

Data Analytics

  • Continual buildout of skid and station PLC’s, SCADA systems, historians
  • Countless sensors already connected
  • Advancements in math abilities for end device
  • Regression analysis on Time Series data for enhanced Supervision and Control.

Technical Capabilities and Deliverables

We have templates, go by’s, and standards fully developed for full-service engineering and design. We also have engineering deliverable flow charts based on the FEL model to most efficiently deliver without re-work fit for purpose Engineering and Design, as iterative re-worked design is wasteful. Mapping out the design process has been most beneficial to efficient execution and improvement of the delivery model.

Executing Creative Solutions

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Optimizing your Automation System through understanding the math behind the operation. We strive to execute and deliver the best Automation, Control, Data Analytics, and Power Engineering solutions.

Our Customers Say

“I was blown away by the quality of work Freezer Engineering provided for us. They  accessed the problem and provided a quick and professional solutions for us. I cant wait to work with Freezer Engineering again soon.”


“Fast paced project, Freezer Integration Consulting quickly assembled a construction led design effort to meet our needs. I can’t thank Freezer for the solution. Very profession organization”



  • National Institute of Health and Johnson & Johnson, I programmed a small database into a SLC504 with Simpson’s approximation to calculate differentials to develop better controlled chemical titration curves to stay within chemical waste discharge permit limits
  • Black Hills Energy, we performed the following;

Looking Forward

  • This next era will continue to have more edge based computing capabilities to make use of good time series data to program in decision making. Whether its operational tuning, maintenance signaling, or incident prevention, implementing these capabilities should have a solid ROI
  • Freezer Engineering LLC’s purpose is to understand the hardware capability, and apply it to your operation as the System Integrator
  • Historically we have offered full serve Engineering and Design, but lately our pursuits have focused on the Power and Controls Engineering niches. We can turn a control system turn key including programing, hardware design, networking, drafting, commissioning, instrument techs, and installation